WHD.local Moscow

Moskova, Russia

21 Ekim 2014

Moscow plays a key role in Russia's economy, with a 10% growth rate across a city of more than 12 million people—more than London and Paris combined. This amazing city is also home to hundreds of software companies, has a large national hosting presence, and maintains a thriving technology start-up infrastructure. These are perfect conditions for our next WHD.local event in Russia.

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Holiday Inn – Moscow / Sokolniki
Rusakovskaya ul., building 24
Moscow, 107014, Russia

Moscow Holiday Inn Sokolniki Hotel website.

Holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn Sokolniki Hotel is conveniently located near central Moscow just outside "Third Ring Road" and directly across from the Sokolniki Metro Station. With a first-class conference center and compete amenities, this is the perfect location for our Moscow event.