WHD.local London

Londra, United Kingdom

10 Ekim 2014

Great Britain is Europe’s largest IT market and more than 100 of Europe’s 500 largest companies have their headquarters in central London. No tour or Europe’s IT landscape would be complete without another stopover in London in 2015.

The United Kingdom market demand for SMB cloud services is booming, exceeding £ 2 billion (US$ 3.2 billion), and outsourced infrastructure (IaaS) is fast approaching £ 1 billion. This amazing, mid-double-digit growth is being spurred by a steep reduction in perceived barriers to adoption. And there is plenty of room for even more growth in 2016, making the UK a “can’t miss” market opportunity.

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Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London
200 Westminster Bridge Road
SE1 7UT London, United Kingdom

You can get more information about the venue at the
Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel website.

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London

This year our London event will take place at The Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel. This perfectly located venue sits in the middle of London, just across the Thames River from the famous landmark Big Ben clock tower and immediately South-West of the London Waterloo Train Station.