WHD.india – October 29, 2015 – Mumbai, India

WHD.india – October 29, 2015 – Mumbai, India

2014 is the third year that the worldwide event series WHD hosts WHD.india in Mumbai. Here you meet local industry experts and decision makers in the South Asian area and learn about the latest products and business solutions. Get ready to join the second biggest event of the WHD series!

Years ago, India focused on delivering the whole range of outsourcing services for other countries. Over the last decade and with continued globalization, India’s IT experts and the massive know-how they have built up turned the Indian IT market into an innovation hub and export orientated software and web hosting industry. Today, India is the third largest mobile market of the world and its ITC industry is currently valued at over $138 billion, with higher than 10% growth rates year-on-year.


Hotel Sahara Star
Opp Domestic Airport
Mumbai 400099

Internet: www.saharastar.com

The local market is an innovative power and has become a leading expert for the sustainable management of complex IT requirements. Strong partnerships with American and European companies as well as the continuous growth of local capabilities offer nearly unlimited potential for the whole hosting industry.