WHD.china – to be announced

WHD.china – to be announced

As of 2014, in raw dollar value, China became the largest economy in the world — nearly 19 trillion in US$. Less than 15 years earlier, China produced just 1/3 of the economic output that the United States did. This meteoric rise is impressive, to say the least. And this new economic capital is investing heavily in infrastructure of all forms. 700 million Chinese citizens are active internet users—by far more than any other country and some entire regions.

And this market is just getting started.

2015 marked the third year for WHD.china. Each year we have seen more interest, and we expect 2016 to expand even further. In 2014 we moved the event from Shanghai to Beijing, and that change was very well received by all. So WHD.china returns to Beijing again this year.

Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, China

Expect something new for this year’s event! We’re planning to do a tour to major Chinese cities. The exact dates and locations will be announced soon.

There is no substitute for being here

Join more than 300 of your peers, potential customers, and technology leaders for a day of invaluable sessions, industry insights, business opportunities, and networking at China’s largest cloud services and hosting event. There is no substitute for being here.

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