WHD.singapore – August 24-25, 2016

WHD.singapore – August 24-25, 2016

In August 2015, WHD.singapore will be held in Singapore for its third consecutive year. 2014's fantastic event attracted 500 attendees, 63% being C-level executives, who converged from far-reaching corners of Asia Pacific. This year's one-day conference, held at the convenient and comfortable Marriott hotel, will bring together some of the greatest influencers in the industry.

Although the first two WHD.singapore events took place in Thailand, we relocated to Singapore in 2013. The island is an excellent environment for such a conference, thanks to its reliable internet infrastructure and burgeoning community of start-ups. With around 130,000 SMEs, the country's SME Cloud Services market is worth S$520M ($416M USD), and will reach S$916M ($733M USD) by 2017. It's clear that Singapore represents excellent business and networking opportunities for our community.

Last year's event saw some excellent discussions of new industry trends and products. Highlights included a funny and exciting panel discussion about Dovecot, and some interesting insights from David Ednie, President and CEO of SalesChannel Europe. Attendees also enjoyed talking with colleagues and new acquaintances over food and drinks.

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The 2015 conference will once again bring together expert speakers, industry influencers, and local and international partners from the Asian hosting community. This year's event takes a more interactive approach, with an emphasis on panel discussions and content-related presentations. Among the keynote speakers will be Ken Wye, CEO of CrimsonLogic, who will give us an exclusive Q&A session.

Join us on August 28th to explore the wider Asian ITC market and become a partner of the largest hosting-focused event in Asia.