Agenda Moscow

Termine & Orte

Moskau, Russland – Agenda

8. September 2015

9:00 am

Einlass und Registrierung

10:00 am


10:10 am

"Key Trends of the Domain, Hosting and SSL Certificate Markets"

Andrey Kuzmichev, Product Director, RU-CENTER

10:40 am

"Ready for your slice of that sweet data protection revenue?"

Jim Herman, Chief Revenue Officer, Acronis

11:10 am

Coffee-Break sponsored by Acronis

11:40 am

"KernelCare Introduction - Security Without Reboots"

Andrey Konyukh, Sales Manager, CloudLinux

11:55 am

"Three Audiences That Matter: How SMBs, Web Professionals and Cloud Developers Will Shape Your Business "

Konstantin Anisimov, Deputy General Director, Odin

12:30 pm

"The role of registrars in the Era of new gTLD"

Alexander Ryabikovskiy, Account Manager, Resello

12:45 pm

"Providing availability for IaaS and DRaaS customers"

Vladimir Klyavin, System engineer, Veeam

1:00 pm


2:00 pm

"Business Models for Selling the Cloud"

Magnus Hult, CEO, Atomia

2:15 pm

"Adapting to change: creating a hosting offering to boost conversions and maximize retention."

Pavel Guralnik, VP of Business Development, ISPsystem

2:30 pm

"Phishing is real or how not to lose million in one minute - Story with the happy end."

Aleksei Ivanov, Founder and General Director , Leader Telecom

2:45 pm

"Year in Review: Winning the spam/abuse fight, how the industry is getting stronger"

Ivan Mudryy, Business Development Manager, SpamExperts

2:55 pm

Coffee-Break sponsored by Acronis

3:30 pm

"Increase your ARPU!"

Marc Montwe, Marketing & Sales, rankingCoach

3:45 pm

"Best practices: my 6 year experience running the PlusServer Reseller business"

Nikolay Nedev, Director Reseller Mass Market, reseller.PlusServer

4:00 pm

"GETT-ing it Right: Disrupting Industries and Challenging Marketing Leaders via Mobility and Cloud"

Dmitry Ageev, CIO, Gett

4:40 pm

Lucky Draw & Networking Drinks sponsored by Acronis